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Ultrasound for All uses the latest technology in ultrasound systems to produce excellent image quality. We are equipped with pulse and continuous wave, color and power Doppler, and 3D capabilities. Tissue Harmonic Imaging is on all of our equipment enabling a diagnostic study on most technically difficult patients. We currently utilize GE equipment for diagnostic imaging purposes and Unetixs equipment for our non-invasive vascular studies. We update our equipment at least every 5 years to stay abreast of the improvements from the ultrasound manufacturing industry. This enables our customers to have confidence that Ultrasound for All will always be on the cutting edge of technology. Our customers are also aware that each piece of equipment is maintained through service contract agreements for the life of the system with Ultrasound for All. Each piece of equipment receives yearly preventative maintenance as well as service as needed through our OEM.

All medical personnel are registered with ARDMS, and trained to treat each patient as an individual, with dignity, care and respect, while instilling confidence with their proficiency and knowledge. We know our success is based upon your satisfaction, and we work hard to win and maintain your loyalty. With us, quality is more than a goal; it is a standard to uphold, a norm every one of us lives by. You can count on our commitment to excellence.

Mobile diagnostic services can:

  • Reduce the cost of ambulance transportation
  • Minimize excessive movement of patients
  • Reduce stress for residents, patients, and staff
  • Enhance the safety of your patients by reducing travel
  • Overcome staff shortage

Ultrasound for All adds ancillary services to your practice with little distraction.

Convenience for the Physician

We work with you to control your own schedule by allocating specified times for our services. With results in 24-48 hours, you can count on the ability for better clinical decision making. If you choose our partner Cardiologists, they are available directly to discuss results or answer questions. There is no time investment on your part and no initial out of pocket expense.

Convenience for the Office Staff

Ultrasound for All works with your staff to create a reliable schedule you can count on. Your staff conveniently schedules the exam right there after you’ve ordered the test. You can even schedule the follow-up visit to discuss the results at the same time. Your results are available within 24-48 hours either via fax or online (HIPAA compliant), and since they come directly to you there is no need for staff to spend time hunting down results.

Convenience for Your Patients

Patients will be grateful to have their imaging completed in the calming atmosphere of their own provider, as opposed to a large imaging center or hospital. They will no longer be forced to register at another facility, spend time waiting, and be placed in unfamiliar surroundings. All of this adds up to a positive patient experience, and increased confidence in your practice.