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A thyroid ultrasound produces images of the thyroid gland in patients with swelling or dysfunction, such as a lump, cancer, Grave’s disease, hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s disease. The thyroid often becomes enlarged or inflamed as a result of these conditions, which may require regular monitoring.

Lumps and masses commonly develop in patients who have undergone radiation therapy, so these patients may be screened with a thyroid ultrasound.


  • Evaluation of the location and characteristics of palpable neck masses
  • ABN Thyroid function test
  • Thyroiditis
  • Abnormalities detected by other imaging examinations or laboratory studies, including areas of abnormal uptake seen on radioisotope thyroid examinations.
  • Evaluation of the presence, size, and location of the thyroid gland.
  • High-risk patients for occult thyroid malignancy.
  • Follow-up of thyroid nodules, when indicated.
  • Recurrent disease or regional nodal metastases in patients with proven or suspected thyroid carcinoma.